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Soffit, Eavestrough, and Fascia Repair in Hamilton, ON

A critical part of every roofing system is the edge comprised of the soffit, eavestrough, and fascia. These three components don’t get as much attention as the shingles on your roof, but they are equally important in protecting your home from water, wind, snow, and ice while helping with insulation. Gateway Roofing & Contracting offers insulation and repair in the Hamilton and Binbrook, ON and surrounding areas. Contact our licensed and insured team for a free estimate today.

Alu-Rex Gutter Products Stand Up to the Test

We are proud installers of the best gutters on the market, Alu-Rex. Whether you have existing gutters or need the installation of a new system, Alu-Rex products can be used in either scenario to improve performance and increase durability. Choose from DoublePro™, T-Rex®, or Gutter Clean System® and enjoy long-lasting eavestroughs on your home.


This advanced technology features two perforated layers of industrial-grade aluminum. You won’t find another gutter quite like this system that keeps debris out so well while allowing rainwater to pass through and flow away from your home. This is our top-recommended product for every homeowner and comes with a 360° lifetime warranty.

T-Rex® Gutters

Commercial and residential property owners looking for a high-quality product with a perforated aluminum covering to keep debris out of the eavestrough are drawn to the T-Rex® gutter system. While it features one less layer of perforation than the DoublePro™, it is the most popular choice of gutter from Alu-Rex due to its durability, lower cost, and lifetime warranty.

Gutter Clean System®

Are your existing gutters clogged after each spring and fall? End constant gutter cleaning and let the wind do work by having us install the Gutter Clean System® on your existing gutters. The perforated covers allow debris to dry after the rain moves out and the wind blows the covers clean. You have the Alu-Rex 40-year guarantee of clog-free gutters.

white eavestrough and gutters

Professional Eavestrough Installation and Design

Eavestroughs and gutters work together to channel water away from houses and buildings, funneling water away from the foundation. These terms are used interchangeably, and while each refers to a different part of the system, they are both essential. Eavestroughs run along the roof’s perimeter and catch water to keep it from dripping down the side of the house and damaging the landscape below. The eavestroughs flow to the gutter downspouts. These downspouts carry water to the ground below and channel it away from the foundation to avoid water leaking into basements. Old or damaged eavestroughs allow water to flow behind them, making its way into walls and damaging the home. If you suspect you have an issue with water, contact us for a free estimate.

Keep Your Home Protected and Looking Good With Clean Fascia

Fascia boards serve a few different purposes. Aesthetically, they provide a nice clean, finished look to the roof and siding by connecting the two with your trim colour choice. They also serve as a barrier to keep moisture from entering the attic. Perhaps their most important function is they provide a solid backing to which the eavestrough is attached, allowing the system to channel water safely away from the house. Old wood fascia is prone to rotting and leaving holes for water to enter the home. Contact our team for new fascia board installation or repair.

Reliable Soffit Installation

You may not be familiar with where the soffits on your home are located, but you’re not alone as they don’t get as much recognition as the other exterior parts of a building. The soffits run underneath the eaves of your home, and like the fascia boards, they serve both aesthetic and protective functions. Their functional purpose is to provide a protective covering to the rafters of the roof. If left exposed, water would infiltrate the rafters leading to mould growth, decay, and a number of expensive repairs. If your soffits look worn, mouldy, or you see signs of pest infiltration, contact us to have them inspected.

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