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Save Energy With Professional Insulation Installation

The majority of homes in North America don’t have enough insulation to protect owners from expensive energy loss throughout the year. It’s not surprising. Since insulation is hidden behind walls, under floors, and in ceilings, and we can’t visually see heat escaping our home, it’s easy to assume everything is ok. However, you may be spending too much on heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer if your home lacks adequate insulation. Contact Gateway Roofing & Contracting to find out if your home is adequately insulated.


Installers of Owens Corning™ Insulation

For the best results insulating your home, you need two things: a trained and experienced contractor and a quality product. Our team is not only licensed and insured, but we are an installer of Owens Corning™ EcoTouch® PINK® FIBERGLAS® insulation. This product is made in Canada and designed specifically to perform in the high and low temperatures we see here in Ontario. This insulation is formaldehyde-free, and GREENGUARD Gold certified for indoor air quality, providing you with complete peace of mind for your family’s safety.

Full Installation and Touch-Up Jobs

Homes lacking insulation could have anywhere from half as much as they need to or almost none at all. No matter where your house falls, our team can either start from scratch and fully insulate your home, or we can provide you with touch-up services to get you to the proper level of insulation to help you reduce energy loss. The most significant problem area we see is in the attic. Many homes don’t have sufficient insulation there, and since heat rises, it goes right out through the roof with very little resistance.

Contact the Pros for a Free Insulation Quote

Whether you’re unsure of your insulation situation or aware that you need more, contact Gateway Roofing & Contracting for a free insulation estimate today. This free service will provide you with either the peace of mind that you have enough insulation or the steps we can take to help insulate your home better for improved energy savings. Our licensed and insured team provides honest and reliable services so you can be confident we won’t try to sell you something you don’t need. We honour warranties that come with all of the high-quality products we install and stand behind our work 100%. Contact us for a free estimate for insulation services today.

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